As you drive over the breathtakingly steep Teton Pass into Jackson Hole, Wyoming you will pass what could very well be a hundred year old sign that puts to bed any doubt you may have had. You're on the right road, and the journey is almost over. "Yonder lies Jackson Hole, the last of the old West."

Few places have come to symbolize the rapidly-changing American West quite like the valley of Jackson Hole, Wyoming—grizzlies still graze by the roadside, elk eat farm-raised grass, and, all the while, service workers, ranchers, ski bums, and billionaires all jostle independently to find their own piece of paradise.

Yonder Lies, a new podcast from KHOL 89.1 and Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative Researchers, is your invitation to dive into the nitty-gritty of Jackson Hole. Hosted by writers and researchers Hannah Habermann and Jesse Bryant, Yonder Liesshares intimate stories of the people, conflicts, and institutions that have made this place what it is today. Thank you, Jesse and Hannah for taking a moment to share with me your story!

To find them, just simply type, "Yonder Lies," into google (or any podcast search engine) and you'll find them at the top!