Pat StuartVeteran CIA operations officer/ Author

A graduate of the University of Oregon (BA, History) and George Washington University (MA, International Relations), Stuart is the recipient of various awards from the U.S. intelligence community, including the prestigious Excellence in Writing award from Studies in Intelligence and awards in fiction from Wyoming Writers and the Wyoming Arts Council.  She is active in community affairs, particularly supporting the Park County Library where she managed the Grizzly Gathering fundraiser with its street art legacy and runs the annual Winter Gathering Bookfair.  For more information visit

 Programs Offered

“Spies, Secrecy, and the CIA in a Democracy:  How it all works!”

Who are America’s spies and what do they do?  Learn how America’s intelligence community developed, how its spies work, and the bureaucratic and administrative checks and balances that guard against misuse of their talents.  Then discuss how you see an espionage organization fitting into the security needs of our nation.  The next time you hear allegations—good or bad—about the U.S. intelligence community, you will feel better prepared to draw your own conclusions.

 “True Stories from the Espionage Wars: The Human Experience!”

What is life like for our covert warriors?  What personal and professional struggles do they face while doing their part toward keeping America safe?  Hear true stories drawn from the speaker’s career, learn what real spies did and why they did it, and discuss those choices.  The next time you hear allegations—good or bad—about the U.S. intelligence community, your will stop and think about what you know and draw thoughtful conclusions.

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