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Davis graduated from the University of Wyoming College of Law in 1968 and practiced law in Worland for over 42 years, retiring in 2015.

Programs offered

“The Spring Creek Raid”

The convictions following the 1909 Spring Creek Raid finally stopped range killings in Wyoming.  Sheep raids, seemingly impossible to prevent, went the way of earlier vigilante actions.  Davis addresses all the events contributing to this saga especially as examined in his book A Vast Amount of Trouble.

“The Trial of Tom Horn”

This program examines the conviction of Tom Horn which marked a major milestone in the hard-fought battle against vigilantism in Wyoming.  Davis, an experienced attorney, presents every twist and turn of a fascinating trial, and his account illuminates a larger narrative between the power of wealth and the forces of law and order.  Participants will understand what an enormous challenge to democracy vigilantism was in early Wyoming and how the fight against willful cattle barons shaped the history of the state.

“The Scourge of Vigilantism in early Wyoming”

The suppression of vigilantism was crucial to the creation of a true democracy in Wyoming.  Government cannot be said to be of the people, by the people and for the people when lawless gunmen hold the ultimate control.   Davis, author of four books addressing various iterations of vigilantism will examine the challenges for law enforcement and the impacts on our heritage.

“The Johnson County War”

The 1892 Johnson County War shook the young state of Wyoming to its core and, though cattlemen were able to escape justice, the event had profound long range consequences still felt today.  Mr. Davis will discuss the events making up this saga, including, especially, the significance to Wyoming’s democracy.  Participants will understand what an earthshaking event the Johnson County War was and how Wyoming history was altered because of the invasion.

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