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Farr holds a degree in Agricultural Economics and Natural Resources from Oklahoma State University.

Programs Offered

“Kit Carson in Wyoming and the West”

Kit” Carson, was a mountain man fur trapper, explorer, and military leader.   He did not read or write but spoke 12 languages, including Native American languages and is estimated to have traveled 50,000 miles on foot in the western territories.  Learn about the life and times of the famous but unknown “Kit” Carson which included California statehood, the Civil War, early western settlement and war with Mexico.

“Wyoming’s Sheep Industry:  What really happened?” 

Sheep probably paid for more ranches in Wyoming than did cattle.  Sheep provide a crop of wool every year and did not require the same large investment as cattle.  Though cattle and sheep wars in Wyoming happened, what we think we know is more the stuff of fiction than reality.  From Shepherds in the time of Christ to the Industrial Revolution the sheep business has adapted and flourished and then retreated.   Farr’s family involvement brings the business to life.

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