Upcoming Insight Events:

“Legends” – January 21, 2017, Cheyenne, Atlas Theater

“Identity” – February 2017, Casper – in conjunction with the Casper College Humanities Festival

You Have Seven Minutes. What’s Your Story?

What is Insight?

Disruption + Observation—->Insight

Insight is perhaps most readily gained when we observe the outcomes and processes of a disruption in life.  When things go wrong we can’t help but ask Why? From business, to science, to our personal lives, insights are the footholds we need as we look for solutions.

Thinking in Slow Motion

Insight isn’t just a flash-in-the-pan stroke of brilliance; it’s the process of coming to a deeper understanding of both human nature and the world around us.  As Schopenhauer said: “The task is not so much to be the first to see what no one yet has seen, but to think what no one yet has thought about that which everyone sees.” More a series of realizations than a revelation, the process of insight changes the way we Think because it if forces us to keep asking Why something is the way that it is.

Insight allows us to turn knowledge into practical, actionable wisdom—a path towards solutions. With Insight we can incite change.

It’s with this in mind that Wyoming Humanities launches thinkWY | Insight in partnership in 2016-2017 with the University of Wyoming Creative Writing program.

Insight is a mixed-media storytelling model where presenters have twenty-one slides auto-advancing every 20 seconds to examine any situation that brought insight into their personal or professional lives, or to the world at large—that’s a perfect seven minutes to tell the story of a realization.

Like Ignite™ before us, and PechaKucha before them, thinkWY |Insight events are nights of 7-10 concise and enlightening presentations on a variety of topics. However, rather than focusing on tech or design, Insight events focus on human stories—how and why we think and behave the ways that we do. With live music and a cash bar, Insight events offer Wyoming communities fun nights out on the town full of thought provoking ideas about how we approach the challenges of life.

Wyoming Humanities is looking for speakers who have a story of Insight to tell.  From the tragic to the hilarious, from the historical to the personal, and from the everyday to the extraordinary, we are interested in stories about how people have changed the way they think about and approach the world around them.

Information for program hosts and speakers.

 For more information about thinkWY | Insight, events, contact Jason Burge at Jason@thinkwy.org.

Speaker requirements:

The challenge is great but this is your opportunity. It’s up to you to decide how to interpret the evening’s theme. Our only requirement is that it makes a engaging story and that you can come up with 21 images. thinkWY | Insight talks consist of 21slides that auto advance every 20 seconds.  Slide images can be direct representations of the story (actual pictures of the topic or people) or merely tonal images affecting the mood like landscapes or cityscapes.  You can draw stick figures if you’d like, or doodles. We’d love it if you did, or get someone else to draw pictures.

  • Once selected, presenters must prepare a first draft of their presentations at least one week before their Insight event and perform at least one run-through with the project director the week before an event.
  • They must also perform one practice run-through the day of the event (we can’t overstate how much these practice sessions help).
  • They must also select/find images (at least one per slide, though images can be re-used) that help explain/accentuate their narratives.
  • At twenty seconds apiece, each slide will represent time enough for about forty words.
  • If presenters think about their presentation as a 3-act structure—most stories follow automatically follow this format—it gives them about seven slides per section:
    1. Intro/disruption/inciting event
    2. Observation/rising action – figuring out the problem
    3. Insight/climax – how the change in thinking leads to a new approach
  • Wyoming Humanities will provide the Power Point template presenters must use for their slide backgrounds. Compensation/honoraria for speakers is $150 upon completion of the event.

 Sponsorship Information

thinkWY | Insight
Event Sponsorship Levels

$1000 – Sponsors will receive intro credit on all presentations and videos.

$500 – Sponsors will receive logo credit on one speaker’s slides and video.

$250 – Sponsor logos appear during speaker transitions.

To find out more about how you can sponsor an event, or for information about sponsoring the statewide series, contact Jason Burge at 307-721-9243 ext. 106
or Jason@thinkwy.org

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