Please note: Our 2018 programs are undergoing a restructuring to better serve the state. We will not be accepting Road Scholars applications at this time as the process and program will be changed for 2018. Please stay tuned for more information, and contact us if you need more assistance.

Bringing enriching presentations and scholars to all corners of Wyoming

thinkWY Road Scholars Tours feature programs by outstanding presenters who travel throughout Wyoming to spark conversation  and critical thinking at museums, libraries, schools, and other venues . Each presenter engages the audience in an active discussion of his or her topic, ranging from Wyoming history to poetry to folk songs.  All thinkWY Road Scholars have been vetted by Wyoming Humanities, so the caliber of programming is high quality and valuable to audiences.

How to Apply to Host a thinkWY Road Scholars Tour

If you would like to host a speaker but did not participate in one of the thinkWY Road Scholars Tours training sessions for organizations and are not working with any other organization that has, you must contact Sheila Bricher-Wade at prior to making any arrangements.

Applications for the 2017 Fiscal Year beginning on November 1 will be accepted on October 15 for tours with a first program occurring between February 15 and June 30. March 1 is the application deadline for tours with a first program occurring between July 1 and October 15, 2017.  thinkWY Road Scholars Tours events will not be scheduled between October 26 and February 14.

The Application Process

Detailed instructions for scheduling and hosting programs, completing the application pages and other forms, and templates and lists are located in the Additional Resources section of this page.

Scholars and host organizations should work collaboratively to develop tours that include a minimum of three and a maximum of seven events.  Tour events may occur consecutively over time (contiguous) or be separated by weeks or months (discontinuous).   In a contiguous tour scholar payments are based on the distance between the scholar’s home base and the first and last event and the distance between individual events.  In discontinuous tours, scholar payments are based on the shorter distance between each individual event or the scholar’s home base.  All scholar payments are made following the last event date in the tour.

After communicating with hosting venues to confirm locations, dates and times, scholars will complete and sign page 1 of the application (Scholar Page Tour Summary).

Each host venue representative or project director will complete and sign a page 2 of the application (Sponsor/Host Organization Event Form).

The person designated to submit the completed application collects all the completed pages and on the appropriate deadline for the programs included in the tour, emails the entire package to .  All other participating representatives and the scholar, if the scholar is not submitting the application, must be copied in the submission email.

The person submitting the application will be notified within two weeks of the application submission as to whether the tour has been funded, rejected, or given priority status for the next application deadline due to lack of funding.  All other participants will be copied in the email.

Should funding for a given period be unavailable, scholars and host organizations may apply for a thinkWY Opportunity Grant to fund a single event.

Any host organization or individual may, at any time, make arrangements directly with a scholar for individual presentations with no involvement by Wyoming Humanities staff.  We only ask that the organization and scholar indicate the scholar’s association with the thinkWY Road Scholars Tours program. Wyoming Humanities strongly encourages organizations requesting a scholar presentation to pay scholar expenses and provide a stipend.  Scholars and organizations are free to negotiate appropriate pricing for programs not funded through the thinkWY Road Scholars Tours program.

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