What’s Your Why?

Passion and Purpose Through Life Stories

Willard Gould: Returning To Our Native Tongue

Willard Gould grew up on the Wind River Reservation. He is former member of the Northern Arapahoe Business Council and a member of the Northern Arapahoe Language Commission. His work has been in substance abuse counseling, domestic violence and family services.  “This...

Chris Duncan: A Moral Responsibility to Amputees

Dr. Chris Duncan's research is focused on the restoration of movement and sensation for amputees through the development of advanced neuroprosthetics that can tap into and communicate with the nerves and muscles. "Watching individuals, adventurous daring intrepid...

Slam Poet Kealoha: The Story Of Everything

Kealoha is the first Poet Laureate of Hawaii and the first poet to perform at a Hawaii governor's inauguration. He is of multi-ethnic heritage with Hawaiian, Chinese, and Caucasian descent. With a degree in Nuclear Engineering from MIT in 1999. He is an...

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