Winds of change

The Winds of Change podcast is centered on the people, places, history, and stories of Wyoming. We talk about identity, community, land, change and what it means to thrive in the state. How does someone identify with wide spaces and big personalities in small towns? Listen to folks from across our state share their connection to Wyoming and home. Or others who are pining for opportunities to invite change. And still, there are many voices who welcome the challenge. Making a life here means persistence.  Some families have been here for generations and stay true, heads held high, through the blustery winters. Others are newcomers making sense of the unfamiliar winds the world continually blows in.


What's Your Why?

I know, I know. You’ve heard this before. It’s not a NEW question, but the answer IS always evolving… So. We. Can’t. Stop. Asking! This show explores the human experience by way of our natural and diverse DNA through storytelling.  We bring to life the many pillars of our humanity: Culture, community, history, literature, and art.  Our purpose is to expand your vision of the world, educate, inspire, and give you critical thinking skills needed to apply to your own journey and create more connectivity and significance within the human experience.  With nationally and internationally renowned humanists - authors, journalists, philosophers, artists and scientists - we adventure into conversations about where they’ve been, what makes them tick, and how their history relates to the greater world and to you. Get inspired, gain perspective, and reflect on What’s Your Why?  

First, But Last podcast show art

First, But Last?

First, but Last (FBL) introduces you to the creative, intrepid and influential women all across the state of Wyoming asking them about wisdom, work and adventure in the “equality” state. This special series celebrates Wyoming as the first state to give women the right to vote!


Help share the Wyoming narrative to all communities.

Upcoming Podcasts

Grants and other programming allow us the opportunity to present new podcasts.


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