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Sports Are Never Just About Sports

By Erin Pryor Ackerman Why sign your kid up for swimming or soccer?  Physical exercise, sure, but also as a strategy to teach her the benefits of discipline, teamwork, and a sense of fair play.  Sports are also a means of creating community, both for players and for...

Big Brother is Watching You

By Erin Pryor Ackerman George Orwell’s famous phrase, first published in 1949, still taps into concerns many have today.  Orwell’s 1984, after all, depicts a society in which citizens’ lives are surveilled by the government and government technology.  A classic...

Humanities and the 2017 Solar Eclipse

There are few concepts so critical to our human experience and humanity as language. In the Bible, the naming of the beasts and birds is the first task set to Adam, even before Eve is created. And of all the punishments God could have brought early man, it was...

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