Who We Are

Wyoming Humanities is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and is our state’s affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). Founded in 1970 in response to the National Arts and Humanities Act of 1965 enacted by President Lyndon B. Johnson, Wyoming was one of the first states to implement this model to provide public humanities programs for our citizens.

Our Mission: To help Wyoming take a closer look at life through the humanities.

Our Vision: To be the go-to organization in Wyoming for citizens to explore the important issues of our time.

What We Do

We foster opportunities for communities to interact and discuss issues that are important to them. We use the humanities to ask questions that give insight into the human experience by analyzing the past, exploring the present, and thinking about the future. Our programs bring scholars and subject matter experts to the entire state of Wyoming. Through our work, the humanities help the citizens of Wyoming take a closer look at life.

We invest in grants to the hundreds of non-profit organizations that comprise Wyoming’s cultural sector and we create our own programs, customized to the needs of each community. Our work promotes critical thinking through discussions and other public programming that is facilitated by vetted scholars and uses educational elements that are well-conceived and appropriate for the intended audience.

Wyoming Humanities believes that a well-rounded citizen must be educated on the broader cultural forces that shape our democracy and the direction of our communities, state, and nation. A life-long learner wants to explore the ideas and forces that are influencing society and to do that we need open discussion grounded in facts and facilitated through experts. The humanities—the study of what makes us human, including history, literature, philosophy, religion, ethics, and much more—are the tools we use to take a closer look at the major issues of our times.

Partners, Collaborators, Sponsors, and Underwriters

Many public and private organizations partner with Wyoming Humanities; this enables us to reach all 23 counties and 99 communities of the state. Some companies underwrite specific publications or programs, while other organizations may collaborate with us to provide public humanities programming state-wide or in a particular community.

Wyoming Humanities relies on donations from individuals and businesses to provide top quality programming to all of Wyoming’s residents. Interested in donating?

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