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October 1, 2017 – October 1, 2018 Donors

Humanities Champions ($1200+)

Joe Albright and Marcia Kunstel Charitable Fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

Sheila Bricher-Wade*

Kim and Jody Brown Family Foundation

John Giurgevich

Shannon D. Smith*

Stanford and Barbara Trachtenberg Donor Advised Fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

Patrons ($600+)

Mary Hay

Carol Seeger*

Isabel Zumel*

Sustainers ($300+)

Kathy Burman*

Bernadine Craft*

Eva Crane

Audrey Kleinsasser

Richard and Karla Leach

Caroline Mills*

Rev. Warren Murphy*

Thomas and Barb Rea

Nancy Schiffer

Mike Shonsey and Kathy Jenkins

Sarah Jo Sinclair*

The Frederick and Patricia Supper Foundation and Cynthia Chace Gray

Mary Kay and John Turner

Kristi Wallin*


Joan M Anderson

Anonymous (2)

Craig Blumenshine

Sally Letchworth Bub

Jason Burge

Tracey Burke

Carol Chidsey*

Allan and Cindy Childs

Cathy Connolly

Jo Crandall

Nancy and Doug Curtis

Dennis Davis

Wayne and Cathy Deahl

Enthusiasts ($120+)

Elliot S. and Frances G. Gerson

Nish Goicolea*

Linda and Stephen Goldman

Mary Guthrie*

Hon. Nancy Guthrie*

Mr. and Mrs. David Hardie, in honor of Dr. Emmy Knobloch

Scott Henkel*

David Kathka

Kim and Mary Kay Love

Barbara McNab*

Susanna Meyer

Sam Mihara

Sandra and Steve Mossbrook

Eric W. Nye and Carol Frost

Jim O’Connor

Russell and Gail Otto

Christopher Propst*

Al and Ann Simpson

Milward Simpson*

Albert and Sue Sommers

Jenni and John Stark

Patricia A. Stuart

Mike and Jane Sullivan

Don and Cynthia Twing

George Vlastos*

Mary Lynn Worl

Anonymous (2)

Donna Atkins

Donna and Lewis Bagby

Janet Behrens

Harriet Bloom-Wilson and Richard Wilson

Marcia Wolter Britton*

Jim Brown

Barbara Chatton and Andrew Bryson

Katie Curtiss and Hal Corbett

Andy and Carol Deering

Terry and Barbara Deshler

Marcus and Mary Doss

Glenda Earl and Charles Mason

James Ehernberger

Ron Frost

Paul Flesher and Caroline McCracken-Flesher

Friends ($60+)

Mary and Stan Flitner

Pat Greiner

Klaus and Janet Hanson

Randy and Diane Harrop

Megan L. Hayes and Reed Zars

Lee and Jan Hermann

Donald and Jan Hodgson*

Mary Ellen Ibarra-Robinson and Earl Robinson

Shirley J. Jacob*

Kathleen and Paul Kimball

Cliff and Susan Knesel

Jack and Kathy Landon

Creed and Clarene Law

Jeffrey and Nancy Lockwood

Sharon Lovercheck

Dr. Dee Ludwig

Wanda Middleswarth

David Mills

Sandra Mueller

Patricia Myers*

Bill Nation

Barbara Orr

Edie Phillips

Gudrun Rice and Charles Kerr

Eric and Sue Sandeen

Peter and Lynne Simpson

Jonita Sommers

Bob and Carol Tarantola

Dr. Seymour Thickman

Dale C. Wedel

Arlene & Louise Wesswick Foundation

Janice Whitley

Sara Wiles

Mary and Robert Yemington

Anne Young and James Nielson

Anonymous (5)

Carol Bell

Kay Lynn Bestol

Rep. Don and Mary Burkhart

Cheryl Burnett

Nicholas and Karen Casson

Jim Carlson

Nancy Carrel

Josephine Cook

Barbara Windom Costopoulos

Peg Cullen

Darlene Dahlin

Lydia Dambekalns

Additional Supporters

Tom and Candace Dooper

Bruce and Janet Eldredge

Frank “Pinky” and Jackie Ellis

Rick Ewig

Joe and Linda Fabian

Ken Gerow

Mary Gerty

Norleen and Stuart Healy

Mary Alice Hinkel

Lynn Houze

Mary Humstone

Hart and Josey Jacobsen

Joy Kaltenheuser

Timothy and Jamie Kearley

Charis Kipper

Debbie LaJeunesse

George and Beverly Leys

Neil and Jennifer Miller

Marirose and Robert Morris

Judy Musgrave

Pat Poletti and Mark Domek

Anthony M. Polvere

Bayard Rea

Joan Sowada

Charlene Urban

Angie Varca

Rowene Weems

Kenilynn Zanetti

Charles and Brenda Allen

Burke Baker III and Carole Baker

Marcia Britton

Story Clark

William Collins and Lokey Lytjen

Tim, Jean, and Anna Day

Stephen Duerr and Emlyn diGrappa

Foster and Lynn Friess

Maho Hakoshima and Peggy Gilday

David and Leslye Hardie

Scott Henkel

Old Bill’s 2017 Donors


Peter and Jean Jorgensen

Leticia Liera

Stephen Lottridge

Nancy McCarthy

David Mills

Jack and Carole Nunn

Susie Rauch

David and Glo Reetz

Nancy Resor

Robert Righter and Sherry Smith

Charles and Carol Schneebeck

Loretta Scott

Dick and Sandy Shuptrine

Gary and Veronica Silberberg

Fred and Jeanie Staehr

Karla Swiggum

Michael and Jennifer Tennican

Walter and Joan Thulin

Stan and Barbara Trachtenberg

Steve and Amy Unfried

James Wolf and Nan Neth

Lorring Woodman and Melody Lin

Isabel Zumel

Wyoming Humanities relies on donations from individuals and businesses to provide top quality programming to all of Wyoming’s residents. Interested in donating?

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