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Wyoming Humanities Governance:

Wyoming Humanities governance and direction is vested in the up-to twenty volunteer members who are passionate about the power of the humanities to help our state think critically. They represent the state’s cultural diversity and geographic regions. Five are appointed by the governor. Terms are for three-years and renewable once. Past board members may serve again after a three-year hiatus.

Board members advise the executive director on governance and operations; evaluate and approve grant applications; advocate for Wyoming Humanities with state leaders and our U.S. congressional delegation; exercise fiduciary responsibility; direct and support fund-raising and development strategy; promote awareness and appreciation of humanities throughout Wyoming; and represent Wyoming Humanities at events in their local communities.

Board members meet three to four times a year to review and provide strategic vision, oversee the budget, act on fundraising initiatives, assist with fundraising activities, and supervise the council’s role as an exemplary nonprofit organization. The council meets at various locations throughout the state


2017-2018 Board Committees

Executive Committee Chair – Nish Goicolea, Chair-Elect – Carol Seeger, Immediate Past Chair – Caroline Mills, Treasurer/Finance Committee Chair – Barb McNab, Secretary/Nominations Committee Chair – Carol Chidsey, Grants Committee Chair – Sarah Jo Sinclair, Development Committee Chair – Kristi Wallin
Finance Committee Board Treasurer/Chair – Barb McNab, Nish Goicolea (President), Carol Seeger (President-elect), Caroline Mills (Past President)
Nominations Committee Board Secretary/Chair – Carol Chidsey, Mary Guthrie, Warren Murphy
Grants Committee Chair – Sarah Jo Sinclair, Scott Henkel, George Vlastos, Isabel Zumel
Development Committee Chair – Kristi Wallin, Bernadine Craft, Betty Fear, Nancy Guthrie, Tom Johnson
Advocacy Task Force Dave Reetz (ex officio), Bernadine Craft, Mary Guthrie, Tom Johnson, Milward Simpson Kristi Wallin, Caroline Mills

Wyoming Humanities relies on donations from individuals and businesses to provide top quality programming to all of Wyoming’s residents. Interested in donating?

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