Promoting Civics and Democracy

The power to think creatively and critically is in every single one of us. It is not something that only a few people possess. We have the potential to think, to act, and to do so in a way that helps our communities be vibrant. Helping us see this democratic power is one of the roles of the humanities.

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Wyoming Humanities respectfully acknowledges that we serve a region that is home to, and rich with the history and culture of, several Indigenous communities including the Eastern Shoshone, Northern Arapaho, Northern Cheyenne, Crow, Ute, and Lakota Nations. We recognize our obligation to give voice to all people as we explore our past and envision our future.


Hemingway in Wyoming

Ernest Hemingway standing near a train car.

The great 20th century writer Ernest Hemingway had many connections to Wyoming. He completed his novel A Farewell to Arms at Spear-O-Wigwam, the Spear Family Ranch near Sheridan, in 1928, and would use his interactions with Sheridan residents for his short story “Wine of Wyoming.”

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Wy Treaties Matter

In response to the 2017 “Indian Education for All” Act, Wyoming Humanities raised funds for projects to increase awareness about American Indian history and culture in Wyoming. Research quickly revealed a wide range of other projects supporting the Indian Education for All Legislation that were already underway across the state.

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Museum on Main Street

An exhibition inspiring consideration of what happened when America’s rural population became a minority of the country’s population.  What ripple effects occurred and how are Wyoming communities finding new opportunities for growth, economic innovation, and revitalization?

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Votes for Women

The story of women's suffrage is a story of voting rights, of inclusion in and exclusion from the franchise, and of our civic development as a nation. Votes for Women: A Portrait of Persistence, a poster exhibition from the Smithsonian, celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment and explores the complexity of the women's suffrage movement and the relevance of this history to Americans' lives today.

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