I have actually gone to work by driving through Yellowstone National Park. I’ve pulled off the beaten path to take a quick walk around Devils Tower and attended an event commemorating a highway marker outside of South Pass City. I’ve driven from Lovell to Ranchester and stopped at Medicine Wheel National Historic Landmark. I’ve been on pretty much every highway in our state and have selfies to prove it! My camera on my phone looks like I am on constant vacation, because the places I get to do work in are some of the most stunning locations in America. Those of us who travel Wyoming for a living complain about the 9+ months that we risk being snowed in somewhere, but we all acknowledge that the view from our windshield is simply unparalleled.

Everyone loves their home state. I’m a native Nebraskan and I love traveling the Cornhusker State. But it is undeniable one of the most inspiring aspects of my inspiring job with Wyoming Humanities is that I get to travel all around this spectacular state. Red Desert, Wind River Canyon, Happy Jack Road, Elk Mountain, Bighorn Mountains, Grant Tetons, Devils Tower, Flaming Gorge, Star Valley, HOLY COW! I drive to work events experiencing something that people from all around the planet save up for years to be able to see. How lucky am I? Everyone I talk to around the state bursts with pride about our incredible, sensational landscapes. Our spectacular geography influences who we are and how we live. Indeed, the cultural landscape of people of all types, whether they are 6th generation or moved here just a few years ago, is as rich and beautiful as the incredible background in which we live. How could we not be reminded every day to be grateful for the physical and human landscape of Wyoming? Our council promises not to take either for granted.

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