“I feel the slow and steady need for continued work on women's issues and finding an equal or at least equitable spot in the workforce, within state politics, within leadership in communities.” – Sarah Jo Sinclair

“I think there is an expectation for young women to speak in a certain way and carry themselves in a certain way and I feel like there’s a little more to prove as a [female] scholar.” – Sarah Jo Sinclair

Sarah Jo Sinclair was born and raised on a ranch in Eastern Montana.

She has a B.A. in Literature and a M.A. in Liberal Arts.

She moved to Wyoming in 2009 and she teaches composition, creative writing, and literature classes at Sheridan College.

In this episode, we discuss the differences in how men and women are treated in higher education, how Sarah discusses the #metoo movement with her kids and her students, and why people in Wyoming think of "feminist" as a bad word.

Show Notes:

  • Why Sarah Jo left the West and why she came back and settled in Sheridan, WY
  • How Sarah Jo’s views on gender equality have evolved over the course of her career
  • Differences in how men and women are treated in higher education
  • How Sarah Jo discusses #metoo with her kids and her students
  • How Sarah Jo mentors and advocates for young women in her classroom
  • Why Wyomingites tend to think “feminist” is a bad word

No Transcription Available For This Episode. For more information contact Emy@ThinkWY.org

“I’m attempting to raise feminists, even though I have two boys. That’s a goal: to raise progressive, feminist men. And they don’t have to agree with me. They don’t have to be activists. But they do have to be thoughtful.” – Sarah Jo Sinclair

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