“More artists getting involved in government across our country is vitally important because artists are good problem solvers and creative thinkers. I hope more artists will decide that they can put the way that their brain works to work to solve the problems we are facing in our society.” – Natalia Duncan Macker

“I think that women are uniquely suited for local government because it’s very solution-oriented, it’s very practical, it’s day-to-day nuts and bolts, and I think that women have the skills for that, whether they believe it or not.” – Natalia Duncan Macker

Natalia Duncan Macker is currently serving in the Board of County Commissioners in Teton County, Wyoming.

She is also the artistic director for the Off Square Theatre Company in Jackson Hole.

In this episode, we talk about why women and artists are uniquely suited for serving in local government, the factors keeping women out of office, and how the #metoo movement has affected Natalia.

Show Notes:

  • How Natalia came to Wyoming
  • The most intriguing aspect of Wyoming for Natalia
  • How Natalia became such an involved member of the community
  • Why women are uniquely suited for serving in local government
  • The factors keeping women out of government office
  • Why Natalia decided to run for County Commissioner
  • How Natalia mentors and influences young women
  • How the #metoo movement has affected Natalia

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“The first reason we don’t have enough women in the legislature is we don’t have enough women running for office. And if women aren’t running, then they’re not going to get elected.” – Natalia Duncan Macker

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