"Our healthcare is way more costly, it is profoundly inequitably distributed, and we have poorer outcomes than any other developed country in the world." - Mary Burman

Mary Burman grew up in Laramie, Wyoming.

She earned a masters degree in Public Health and a doctoral degree in Nursing Science before returning to her home state to teach at the University of Wyoming.

Mary served on the advisory board of Albany County Public Health and has now retired from her role as a professor of nursing and family nurse practitioner.

She discusses why she works in preventative health, how to remove gender bias from healthcare, and the value of individual and societal policy intervention.

Show Notes:

• How Mary Burman got into healthcare
• The value of individual and societal policy intervention
• How to know if you would be a good nurse
• What preventative health care looks like
• How the nursing professional has changed
• The value of Certified Nurse Assistants
• How to remove gender bias from healthcare
• How covid has changed healthcare in Wyoming

"There are vestiges of our history still present in nursing." - Mary Burman

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