“Trying to be a good role model is the biggest thing. You can tell kids things but if they see it, it’s going to mean something more to them.” – Mariann Foster

Mariann Foster is the owner and operator of Big Horn Mountain Alpacas in Parkman, Wyoming.

She is a fiber artist, a rancher, a runner, and a stay-at-home mom.

In this episode, you'll hear about how Mariann made her way out west, how she became a fiber artist, and how she strives to be a role model for her daughter.

Show Notes:

  • How Mariann got her first teaching job by winning a race
  • Why Mariann left teaching to start her own business
  • How to become a fiber artist
  • Mariann’s career as a national-class runner
  • Mariann’s experience with discrimination
  • How Mariann strives to be a role model for her daughter
  • Mariann's definition of success

No Transcription Available For This Episode. For more information contact Emy@ThinkWY.org

“When I moved out here, it felt like it was 10 years behind.” – Mariann Foster on gender equity in the West

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