"Coming to Wyoming I felt empowered by the environment and by the kind of people who were here who never questioned my ability to do anything and often gave me opportunities to grow." - Marcia Hensley

Marcia Hensley grew up in Missouri and spent most of her childhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma before moving to Wyoming.

She wrote the book 'Staking Her Claim: Women Homesteading the West' about women pioneers in and around Wyoming.

Listen in to hear Marcia discuss her favorite characters in her book, why there aren't any failure stories of female pioneers, and why it was difficult for her to get her book published.

Show Notes:

• What drew Marcia Hensley to women pioneers
• Parallels between pioneer women and women today
• What Marcia Hensley learned about being a single woman
• Marcia Hensley's favorite characters in her book
• The challenges women in Wyoming face today
• Why it was difficult for Marcia Hensley to get her book published
• Why there aren't any failure stories of female pioneers

"Women homesteaders came West out of a sense of adventure but also out of a sense of opportunity." - Marcia Hensley

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