“We all need to be engaged– we all need to change the conversation about addiction and to create a culture of recovery.” – Laura Griffith

Laura Griffith is the founder and executive director of Recover Wyoming.

Recover Wyoming is the first peer-based Recovery Community Organization (RCO) in Wyoming.

In this episode, you’ll hear about why Laura founded Recover Wyoming, how addiction and recovery are different for women and men, and Laura’s own story of addiction and recovery.

Show Notes:

  • Laura’s childhood in the least populated county in the least populated state
  • Why Lusk, WY was a great place to grow up
  • Why Laura founded Recover Wyoming
  • How Recover Wyoming differs from Alcoholics Anonymous and other programs
  • How addiction and recovery are different for women and men
  • Laura’s own story of addiction and recovery
  • The people that inspired Laura to found Recover Wyoming
  • How to develop the next generation of women leaders

No Transcription Available For This Episode. For more information contact Emy@ThinkWY.org

“For me and for many women, the disease of alcoholism can take us very quickly. That's something to do with the way that we metabolize alcohol and the way that our brains react to alcohol. So we tend to fall into [alcoholism] much quicker than men.” – Laura Griffith

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