“We've still got a ways to go – progress at this point seems to be slow. Right now with the rate we’re improving, the numbers say that we won’t achieve pay equity for about 40 years.” – Kristin Wilkerson

Kristen Wilkerson is a financial advisor in Sheridan, Wyoming.

She is a former attorney and trust officer.

In her business, she works with business professionals, non-profits, and other organizations.

She is passionate about working with and advocating for women.

Tune in to hear why women don't get promoted as often as their male counterparts, how women face unique challenges when planning for retirement, and how parents can teach their children about equality.

Show Notes:

  • How Kristen found her way to Wyoming
  • Why Kristen stayed in Wyoming after law school
  • What is the most intriguing thing about Wyoming
  • How women need to plan for retirement in light of the pay gap
  • Why women don’t get promoted as often as their male counterparts
  • Should there be wage disclosure laws?
  • What men typically think about the pay gap
  • How parents can teach their children about equality

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“Women have these caregiving roles: we’re great caregivers. It’s part of what we do and so it’s just assumed, even for young girls, that it’s our job to take care of the household. And that’s why we see that boys get paid for household chores and girls don’t.” – Kristin Wilkerson

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