"I have this whole beautiful community of people that have helped me end up where I am." - Katie Hogarty

Katie Hogarty grew up in Sheriden, Wyoming.

She is a former policy analyst for Governor Dave Freudenthal and now works as the Director of External Relations for CLIMB Wyoming.

She serves on the Board of Equal Justice Wyoming, volunteers with Wyoming Public Radio, and is a proud member of the Wyoming State Bar.

Show Notes:

• How Katie Hogarty discovered her passion for policy work
• Studying history through case law
• Why Katie Hogarty went to law school knowing she wouldn't become a lawyer
• Katie Hogarty's career journey after law school
• How Katie Hogarty got involved in foster care
• How foster care differs from adoption
• How CLIMB Wyoming finds people in need
• Who influenced Katie Hogarty's life work
• What it's like to grow up dyslexic

"We know that when you don't have money, you have relationships." - Katie Hogarty

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