“Lots of times we had [judicial] openings and no women applicants or no women applicants who had the number of years of experience that they needed to qualify. So, the field isn’t big enough! I’m hoping more women will think of it as a professional goal and put themselves out there because we can’t select them unless they apply!” – Justice Marilyn Kite

“Once you get into the judiciary, it’s a good fit for mothers, but getting the experience that you need to qualify is tough.” – Justice Marilyn Kite

Justice Marilyn Kite grew up in Laramie, Wyoming, and was Wyoming's first female Supreme Court Justice.

In this episode, you'll learn why so few women serve in the Wyoming state government, how childbirth and childrearing effects the pay gap in the legal profession, and the steps we need to take to encourage more women to serve.

Show Notes:

  • Why are there so few women in the Wyoming government
  • How do childbirth and childrearing effect the pay gap in the legal profession
  • Is a judge an ideal career for a mother
  • The benefits of practicing law
  • What cases do the Supreme Court preside over
  • Marylin's career highlights
  • What is the Wyoming rubber band effect

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“I always thought [being a judge] would be too boring– too quiet. It was anything but! You have this vision of people sitting in a room and going through books all day long and it certainly was more challenging than that.” – Justice Marilyn Kite

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