“It's a really exciting time to be in rodeo right now for women.” - Jessica Bolerjack

Jessica Bolerjack is a Wyoming native and a Wyoming cowgirl.

She works as a land representative for the oil and gas company, Crestwood Equity Partners LP in Douglas, Wyoming.

She attended the University of Wyoming and is a former rodeo champion.

She discusses why it's such an exciting time to be a woman in rodeo and what it's like being a female in the oil and gas industry.

Show Notes:

• How Jessica got involved with rodeo
• Why is it a good time for women in rodeo
• What the rodeo lifestyle consists of
• Why is Gilette, Wyoming good for rodeo
• What it's like being a female in the oil and gas industry
• How many women work in the oil and gas industry
• What is most intriguing about living in Wyoming
• What is an open caliber horse
• Is there money in competitive rodeo
• How does the oil and gas industry see itself

"I've always worked in fields that were predominantly male dominated and you have to know your stuff and you have to stand up for yourself." - Jessica Bolerjack

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