"Don't let your circumstances of today and your fear of the unknown prevent you from pursuing your opportunities of tomorrow." - Dr. Sandy Caldwell

Dr. Sandy Caldwell is originally from Oklahoma and is a member of the Choctaw nation.

She became an independent minor at the young age of 16.

Her experience navigating the world of higher education has made her a passionate advocate for the value of a college degree.

She takes great pride in empowering women in particular who find themselves in challenging family situations, as she did in her youth.

She has worked at Western Wyoming Community College, was board president of Wyoming Women's Foundation and a member of the Wyoming Community Foundation, and is the Executive Director of the Wyoming Community College Commission.

Show Notes:

• The value of rural-based community college
• What it's like to grow up on a reservation
• How education is linked to income
• What the Wyoming Community College Commission does

"It's very important that we broaden what we mean by the definition of going to college." - Dr. Sandy Caldwell

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