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“It is important when you're doing advocacy work to go to the place where policy is made and speak on behalf of the constituents that you represent." - Britney Wallesch

Britney Wallesch is the Founder and Executive Director of Black Dog Animal Rescue, Wyoming’s largest nonprofit companion animal rescue and advocacy organization.

She grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming and continues to live and work there today.

She is an active contributor to the work of the Wyoming Nonprofit Network and gave a TEDxCheyenne talk on the phrase 'no-kill'.

She was raised primarily by women and is dedicated to increasing women's leadership in Wyoming's legislature.

She talks about her journey to opening an animal rescue and what she finds so intriguing about living in Wyoming.

"I was brought up by a very strong network of female characters. All of the great people of my youth are women." - Britney Wallesch

Show Notes:

  • How Britney founded Black Dog Animal Rescue
  • How to promote a healthy bond between humans and animals
  • The arguments for and against no-kill shelters
  • How to protect animal rights at the state level
  • Why there are so few women in the Wyoming State Legislature
"We have a problem with our willingness to elect women." - Britney Wallesch

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