September 16, 2017 @ 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Sublette County Library, Lovatt Room
155 S Tyler Ave
Pinedale, WY 82941
Paul V.M. Flesher, Faculty Director
Saturday University Pinedale @ Sublette County Library, Lovatt Room | Pinedale | Wyoming | United States

Go back to school for a day, minus the tests, stress and homework.

Each Saturday U term features lectures from three outstanding University of Wyoming professors. Following the lectures, all three professors will participate in a final round-table discussion. Participants may attend one, two, three, or all four sessions. No registration is required, and there is no charge.

8:30 am: Coffee and donuts

9:00 am: “How Synthetic Biology Will Change Medicine…And Us,” Mark Gomelsky, Professor of Molecular Biology, University of Wyoming

Biology is rapidly becoming an engineering science. Genes—the units of life—can now be added to existing organisms and edited in the existing organisms. In the near future new cells will be created with an assortment of desired properties. That means we can change genetic programs in animals and humans. But will Synthetic Biology benefit or harm humanity? In this talk about the coming BioRevolution, Dr. Gomelsky will describe Synthetic Biology and address the philosophical and ethical questions it engenders. He will describe how his laboratory’s research enhances the utility and safety of designer cells, and how it creates new therapeutic opportunities.

10:15 am: “Writing the Way West: Authors in America,” Caroline McCracken-Flesher, Professor of English, University of Wyoming

Nineteenth-century writers imagined the west as virgin territory. Robert Louis Stevenson, riding the rails across Wyoming, was disappointed; Oscar Wilde wittily saw only himself—reflected in every prospect. Other explorers in literature and in land, from Walter Scott to John Wesley Powell, had already written over the west. Join Caroline McCracken-Flesher to relive this race through the landscape, chasing the language that can speak for our expanse of rocks, rivers, and precious few trees.

11:30 am: “The Fifth Beginning: What Six Million Years of Human History Can Tell Us About the Future,” Robert Kelly, Professor of Anthropology, University of Wyoming

This lecture discusses the four major “beginnings” of human history – the origins of technology, culture, agriculture, and the state—and presents evidence that humanity is entering a fifth beginning, one that can be expected to mark dramatic changes in world economy, war, culture, and governance.

Saturday University in Pinedale is sponsored by the University of Wyoming, Wyoming Humanities, Sublette BOCES, and Sublette County Libraries.

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