Saturday U Pinedale @ Sublette County Library, Lovatt Room
Mar 1 @ 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Saturday U Pinedale @ Sublette County Library, Lovatt Room

Go back to school for a day, minus the tests, stress and homework.

Each Saturday U term features lectures from three outstanding University of Wyoming professors. Following the lectures, all three professors will participate in a final round-table discussion. Participants may attend one, two, three, or all four sessions. No registration is required, and there is no charge.

5:30 pm: Doors open; light dinner and snacks.

6:00 pm: “Who Gets to Drink?,” Dr. Kristi Hansen, Associate Professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics, University of Wyoming

Water is a limited resource in most of the western United States, yet growing populations and environmental demands increase pressure on existing supplies. Who should be allowed to use it when supplies become more scarce? To answer this, Hansen will describe how economists think about water allocation among competing users and different uses, drawing lessons for the drought-stricken Upper Colorado Basin.

6:50 pm: “Income Inequality: Its Effects on the USA’s Economic and Political Future,Dr. Rob Godby, Associate Professor of Economics; Director, Center for Energy Economics & Public Policy, University of Wyoming

We hear almost daily about our country’s political divide, but the United States faces an even more disruptive division, that of increasing income inequality. As the economic divide has grown over the past two decades, it has enhanced the perception that America is facing a financial crisis as well as a political one. Godby will explain what income inequality is and examine the dynamics that have led to the current situation, as well as providing some hope for the future.

7:40 pm: “Wyoming’s First Humans at an Ice Age Mammoth Kill Site,Dr. Todd Surovell, Professor of Archaeology; Chair, Department of Anthropology, University of Wyoming

The first people to live in Wyoming arrived more than 13,000 years ago after crossing a land bridge from Asia to North America and moving southward through the northern glaciers. Upon arrival, these people encountered many types of large mammals which have since disappeared from New World ecosystems. At the La Prele Mammoth site in Converse County, University of Wyoming archaeologists have discovered evidence of human predation of a Columbian mammoth as well as a campsite that can shed light on the social organization of Wyoming’s first residents.

Saturday University in Pinedale is sponsored by the University of Wyoming, Wyoming Humanities, Sublette BOCES and Sublette County Libraries.

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