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december, 2018

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Modern Cultural Conversations about Motherhood

Diablo Cody is probably still best known for writing the breakout 2007 hit Juno, the film that follows the quirky, titular high schooler as she navigates an unexpected pregnancy and her plan to give the baby up for adoption. Cody’s most recent script, Tully, sees her...

Humanities and the Importance of Critical Thinking

In the late 1970’s, two psychologists, Dr. Daniel Kahneman and Dr. Amos Tversky, set out to understand why “we” were failing ourselves in the rise (or fall) to Homo economicus – some semblance of a consistently rational, self-interested being capable of pursuing...

Our History with Immigration and its Connection to Racism

There’s a scene in James Cameron’s now 21-year-old Titanic that, eliminated from the theatrical release, can be found in the director’s cut and, of course, on YouTube. It’s a brief rescue scene: the ship (spoilers?) has sunk and an officer at the head of a lifeboat...

Democracy and the Informed Citizen & Upcoming Summer 150ths

In the upcoming months Wyoming Humanities will help Wyomingites explore what it means to be an informed citizen as well as the history of tribal nations’ negotiations and treaties with the United States.  In short, the summer and fall of 2018 will see programs that...

2018 Major Grant Opening and Deadline Announcement

Wyoming Humanities is announcing the opening of its Major grant program for 2018. Beginning April 1, applicants seeking funding for larger humanities projects between $2,001 and $10,000 may submit applications through our online portal – visit

Mainstreaming Education in Video Games

Last year, we talked a bit about the gamification of learning in a digital age and how fiction and gameplay can work to introduce emotionally difficult or hard-to-talk about concepts such as suffering in war. Frequently, the central premise of these games is the...

Opening the 2018 Olympics

This February billions of people around the world will tune in to the radio, internet, and television for the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. In a tradition nearly 100 years old, over 90 countries will come together, represented by their best...

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