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Women of Color Filmmakers


Women of Color Filmmakers film discussion is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. consecutive Thursdays, February 21, 28, and March 7, in the University of Wyoming Outreach School classroom at the Center for the Arts, Jackson, and statewide via online discussions February 21- March 29.  The series examines gender, race, ethnicity and class issues. The films were written and directed by women of color and give voice to the experiences of women who are not often seen or heard in mainstream American films.  Online content, including an introduction to each of the films, links, suggestions for further reading and questions for discussion were created by humanities scholar Roberta Makashay-Hendrickson, previously a University of Wyoming senior adjunct lecturer in the Gender and Women’s Studies Program, who facilitates the online discussions. Sponsored by the Wyoming Humanities Council (WHC) and the Cultural Council of Jackson Hole, the film discussion series is a project of the Wyoming Humanities Council’s ongoing Giving Voice: A Wyoming Listening Project initiative, which seeks to encourage the people of Wyoming to listen to voices less often heard.  The project is supported in part by the Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources through funding provided by the Wyoming State Legislature. For information about participation in the program or online discussions, please  email or call the council directly at 307-721-9243.



  • February 21: Real Women Have Curves (2002), based on a play by Josefina Lopez, and directed by Patricia Cardoso, emigres from Mexico and Colombia respectively, the film studies the differing generational views about the responsibilities to family and self faced by children of emigres viewed through the lens of Hispanic seamstresses in an L.A. factory.
  • February 28: Something New (2006), written by African American screenwriter Kriss Turner and directed by African American filmmaker Sanaa Hamri, explores modern interracial relationships from the perspective of a successful black woman who questions how her relationship to a white man will be accepted by her friends and family.
  • March 7: Saving Face (2004), written and directed by Chinese American filmmaker Alice Wu, views how two unconventional relationships within the same family, one same sex and one dealing with the late-life, out-of-wedlock pregnancy of a doctor’s mother, are viewed within New York-based Chinese American Families. (Please do not confuse this film with a more recent documentary film of the same title, about Pakistani women, that is
    the focus of another Humanities Council Giving Voice discussion).


Online discussions will begin February 21 and end March 29. Discussion of a new film
will begin on Thursday each week for three weeks (Real Women Have Curves -
February 21, Something New - February 28, and Saving Face - March 7) but all
discussions will remain open until the end of the last week to give people who need
more than one week for each film some extra time to post, read posts by other
participants and respond to posts that interest them. In-person participants of the film screenings are encouraged to join the online conversations as well.


DVDs of the three films will be available at the Wyoming Humanities Council offices in
Jackson, at the Center for the Arts, and in Laramie at 1315 East Lewis Street. Please
be sure to return them promptly so others may use them. Many of the county and
community college libraries statewide, as well as the University of Wyoming, have
copies of the films or can get them for you through interlibrary loan. The films are a
so available from Netflix, and inexpensive copies can be purchased from Amazon and other online stores.



Online content and discussions are hosted by rSmart Sakai, an open source platform.
To register for the Women of Color Filmmakers site on rSmart Sakai, send an email to In the email subject line type WHC-Women of Color
Filmmakers. In the body of the email type your name and email address.

For a printable, more comprehensive version of the online instructions click here.


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