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Recent Grant Awards

2014 Grant Awards

The WHC would like to congratulate the recipients of grant funding for our 2014 FY cycle.

Project Title/  Format Sponsor / Program Site/ City

Casper College Humanities Festival, festival, Casper College, Casper

Art of the Hunt Programs, speakers, University of Wyoming American Studies Program, Cheyenne

Human Habitation in the Greater Yellowstone Area: Historic Period to 1920, Lecture/discussion, Washakie Museum and Cultural Center, Worland

Dutch Hop Documentation Project, documentary, Wyoming Community Media, Cheyenne

Annual Fetterman Battle, speaker/native interpretation, Fort Phil Kearny State Historic Site, Banner

Fire on the Beach, speaker, Western Wyoming Community College, Rock Springs

Academic Integrity/Religion, speaker, UW Department of Religious Studies, Laramie

Vore Buffalo Jump Traditional Tipi making, apprenticeship program, Vore Buffalo Jump Foundation, Sundance

Aftermath: The Pragmatic Challenges of Restoring the Cultural Heritage of Plains Indians, seminar/workshop, Park County Library Foundation, Cody

Don Quixote and the American West: A Fourth Centenary Celebration (1615-2015), conference, UW Dept of Modern and Classical Languages, Laramie

2014 Equality State Book Festival, festival, Casper College, Casper

Impressions of Wyoming Summer Lecture Series V, lecture series, Ft. Caspar Museum Association , Casper

Heart Mountain Field Trips for WY Students, Field Trips, Heart Mountain Foundation, Powell

Training in Leadership and Diplomacy for WY Students, field trips, InterConnections 21, Jackson

Jose Antonio Vargas at the Symposium, Lecture American Heritage Center, Laramie

Journey Stories Projects Workshops and Exhibits, Laramie County Library System, Cheyenne

Matt Daly at  Carbon County School District #2 Young Writers Celebration, Platte Valley Arts Council, Saratoga




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