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Mark your calendars for September 10, 2014 and plan to be at the Gryphon Theatre in Laramie.    If you missed the first event,  Ignite Laramie is an engaging, fast-paced (5 minutes), multi-media talk with 20-slides automatically displaying behind the presenter.   Topics this year include Laramie Makerspace, Saturday U’s Cross Pollination at UCross, and the Laramie Mural Project. The event is free but donations will accepted for Laramie’s non-profits e.g. the Soup Kitchen. Laramie’s Crow Bar and Grill will also be on hand for all your beverage desires as well as live music.

Last year, presenters shared personal and professional “journey stories” which can be viewed online:   Videos from the 2013 event .  The 2103 Laramie event focused  on journey stories as an introduction to the Museum on Main Street: Journey Stories 2014 Wyoming tour slated for six communities.

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