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Old Bill’s Fun Run for Charities Campaign

Join Old Bill's Fun Run for Charities and donate to WHC.

Join Old Bill’s Fun Run for Charities and donate to WHC.

We have a word for people like you: Venture Culturalists. You see the bigger picture of what a community can be and put your money where your heart is—supporting programs that pay dividends in the form community discussions, experiences, and gatherings that inspire civic action, personal and social inquiry, and expanded worldviews. This has been the mission of the WHC for over forty years, and we couldn’t do it without you.

We count ourselves lucky to benefit from the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole’s Old Bill’s Fun Run for Charities 2014, whose donor-matching program helps us stretch gift dollars, enabling even more engaging programs for your community. As Old Bill’s kicks off, we’re asking you to invest in the vision and stewardship of the Wyoming Humanities Council.

If you have donated recently, if you have taken a break from donating or are considering becoming a new donor, we would be very grateful for your gift during Old Bill’s. Please click here to donate now.


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