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Have you attended a WHC event that made you think?

We depend on private, philanthropic, and corporate donations to provide hundreds of programs, grants and resources to Wyomingites every year.

All contributions to the Wyoming Humanities Council, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, are fully deductible within federal and state law. Your contribution will go to support programs in Wyoming communities across the state:

    • A gift of $35 will help ship one set of Reading Wyoming books to a library
    • A gift of $75 can provide round trip scholar travel for 200 miles
    • A gift of $150 will pay the honorarium for one Humanities Forum speakers bureau presentation
    • A gift of $300 will pay for license fees for a film screening
    • A gift of $500 would provide scholar support to create  new Reading Wyoming book series
    • A gift of $1,000 would offset shipping cost associated with a Smithsonian Museum on Main Street traveling exhibit
    • A gift of $10,000 would support the Summer Classics Institute  for 1 year

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