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Current WHC Funded Exhibits

Are you an art lover? This summer while traveling around the state, make sure to stop by Wyoming’s many great museums and check out some of our grant-funded exhibits.

Butch Cassidy: Who was that Guy?


This permanent exhibit opened at the Wyoming Territorial prison  on June 13, 2014, and explores the mystery and pop-culture infused mythos surrounding Wyoming’s favorite outlaw.  Entry fees to the museum and park are only $5 dollars, so come make a day of it with friends and family learning about Butch and the invention of the modern prison system.



Textured Portraits: The Ken Blackbird Collection

Visit “Textured Portraits: The Ken Blackbird Collection” at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.

Ken Blackbird spent his career documenting the  the lives of Native peoples. This retrospective of 60 images, sponsored by the McCraken Research Library at the BBHC features striking images of  modern native American culture. Blackbird’s images of Native American peoples, western landscapes, and rodeo scenes capture the essence of the current American West. The exhibition runs through December 31, 2014.





The Odd Couple: A Pairing of Thought Provoking Art



While originally slated to expire in February 2014, the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson has decided to let this popular exhibit, which changes near-monthly, to continue throughout 2014.  The project asks participants to directly engage the works using magnetic word collages. So stop in and find what questions the curators have laid out for you this month.


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